Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sneak attack(s)...

I slept in WAY too late today. Yes, it was only for about 8 hours (5:30am-1:30[ish]pm), but still. Bad action.

Since I was up so late, I decided that it would be a good time to take Misty to Petsmart for a little adventure. We both got bored of walking around the store very quickly, so we went home. I called Sister Raddatz just to say hello, and ended up volunteering to pick up her daughter, Mandy, from school. We had an enjoyable ride home, just us girls.

One thing I must remember: if the boys know you're coming over, be prepared the moment you step onto the front porch. Jason was sitting in a chair in the front room reading a book. I said hello and hugged his mom, and the next thing I know I'm being pelted with foam darts from both behind and in front of me. Good old Kyle asked for Nerf guns for his birthday, and Jason bought one for himself. Mandy and I were on a team against Jason and Kyle, and it was quite enjoyable. I don't know why, but I'm rather good at hitting people if I'm not aiming. If I aim then it usually misses by a couple of inches.

The boys decided that they wanted to get my sisters as well. They went with me to pick Meghan up from school and tried to suprise her with a scary mask and the dart guns, but Meghan is hard to scare. Most of the time she'll roll her eyes and laugh. She's a good one to have if you're planning a sneak attack, though. She gets super into it and is so subtle and chill that she can get a target totally preoccupied and relaxed. Like my sister Amanda, for example.

Jason called Amanda before we went to my house, asking if she was home and when Amanda answered, he hung up. We started planning right away. Meghan and I were to go inside and get her all situated while Kyle and Jason waited for my text outside on the corner. This went pretty well (Amanda is hard to lure, but like I said, Meghan is a good one to have on your team). I went outside under the pretense of mailing a letter, which Amanda took to mean I was sending a letter to one of my mission friends (I did send him a letter today, but it was before our whole sneak attack mission). I snuck the boys into the house, and they went up behind Amanda while she was talking to Meghan.

I think it is quite possible that Jason stood right behind Amanda for about a minute and a half. She didn't notice he was there at all until he commented on her conversation. She turned around and freaked out. Amanda's freak outs don't include screaming. It's the look of utter shock and the quiet, "Oh. My. Gosh. You. SCARED. Me. SO. BAD." Mission accomplished.

Here's a sneak attack that gets me: when a friend who is a boy does something out of character. Like today. A friend was standing next to me, and he reached his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him, then wrapped me in a huge hug. He doesn't hug first, at least not me. I can only think of one other time when he's initiated a hug. It caught me off guard a bit. It was nice. Really nice, in fact, just...out of character.

Whatevs. At least it wasn't awkward, like when litle Amy started playing with the buttons on my shirt and then decided it would be fun to unbutton them. And not to just try and get one or two, but ALL of them, even when I was trying to get her to stop. Now that was awkward.

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