Wednesday, May 25, 2011

new job...

As some of you know, I was laid off from Premier Employee Solutions (a temporary staffing agency that I did all of the payroll and billing for) back in March. That was a huge shock. My supervisor called me and said that I'd been doing an awesome job and I was the best assistant she'd worked with at that company, but that they didn't think they needed my position anymore, "so don't worry about coming in to the office tomorrow." Yep. Shock.

Is it horrible that I get a lot a little bit of satisfaction from the fact that the company can no longer keep up on their payroll because they don't have enough people to get it done? They let me go right before they added about 5,000 hours of payroll because they didn't need me, and now they're rather swamped. Yes, I'm a horrible person.

Anyway, I was without a job for about two and a half months, and now I start a new job today. Julia, one of my friends from LDC, got me a job at the snow cone stand where she's worked for the past three summers. I start today, in 3 hours, and I'm starting to get nervous.

It can't be hard. At least, it can't be any harder than the payroll job (because sometimes, that was really hard). How hard is it to use a calculator to add up the total amount, make change (yay calculators) pick the correct cup, fill it with ice (I'm actually a little worried about that part), pour the correct flavor of colored sugar water on the ice (also worried...what if I drop the whole bottle, because knowing me that is a definite possibility), wipe off the drips, stick a straw in the ice, and hand it to the customer? See, I've already got it down! Got it down and I'm still worried.

Well. We shall see what happens.


First day of work and I didn't break anything. That's a first.

In short, it's not bad at all. I was right about the whole snow cone making process in a lot of ways, minus the part about a calculator. There's a legit till. I haven't used one of those since I worked at the Scout office. It's a lot easier than using a calculator!

There are a lot of little things to keep me busy between customers, like cleaning counters and wiping off flavor bottles, keeping the cups and straws stocked, refilling flavor bottles (Tiger's Blood is by far the most popular flavor), filling the machine with ice, lots of things. I like it because there is always something to do, with little moments interspersed throughout a shift to sit for a second and, hey, maybe have a snow cone.

Odd that though this job isn't very strenuous, I'm exhausted. I do know that I need to take a water bottle with me because I don't want to have a major dehydration headache every day (like now). And I think I'm going to make a cute tip jar. Not that the one we have isn't cute. It's just not me--not even my handwriting. Maybe I could make some sort of Rapunzel tower, and tips could go through the window. That'd be cute: "TIPS make life begin! Thanks!" Haha...or not...ha.

Julia is fun to work with. I wish she was staying on for the summer, because she'd be the assistant manager and she'd check in on shifts as part of her job. I'm super grateful that she got me this job. She's been so awesome, all of the time. I love that girl.

So yeah, this is going to be a fun job. It'll be kind of hard in some ways (like how awkward it is when guys check you out, or when you get the urge to dump the bright blue contents of a rather large snow cone down the shirt of the jerk making comments about people with disabilities, or realizing that you're speaking voice is a lot softer than you thought so people cannot hear you at all) but it'll be fun. It's super chill (haha) and it'll give me something to do. That is a definite bonus.

I hope I get this all figured out quickly. Julia said I've caught on super fast, and I hope she's right. There will be a point when I'm totally on my own, unless I call my supervisor. Personally I want to be good at this job, and every job. And yes, friends are allowed to visit. Hint, hint.

Snow Princess*, over and out.

*That's my mom's new nickname for me. *shrug* It works.

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