Monday, May 23, 2011

day 13...

a picture of my favorite band or artist...

This is David Archuleta. I love him. Not like romantic love, because that would be weird. But I love what he is, and what he stands for. I've seen him perform and he is just a good person. Not only that, but his music is good. It's clean and uplifting, and some of the songs are inspiring. David's music has helped me get through some tough times, and it's also helped me smile and enjoy life.

I'm so excited that he's coming to Stadium of Fire this summer!! I seriously cannot wait. It's going to be epic.

I couldn't pick just one artist (I have dozens) I picked a second one.

You already know that I love Justin Bieber. Again, not in a romantic sense. His music is happy and fun, and I really like that. David is an upbeat crooner, with tender romance and getting through life as his main themes. Justin is just as upbeat, but less of a crooner and more of a hip hop, "life is awesome so let's dance" theme. I love it.

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