Thursday, May 12, 2011

obsession confession...

Can't sleep. I'm writing a confession to pass the time.

If you haven't noticed, I might be a little obsessed with "Tangled". If I had funds to do so, I'd be even more obsessed. I do not have funds, therefore I am stuck with watching the movie over and over, borrowing the soundtrack from the library, creating online playlists, stalking photos of Flynn and Rapunzel on the Internet, and dreaming of my very own Rapunzel dress. I will never have her hair; 70 feet of hair is far too impractical for anything other than Disney life, and besides that, my hair is brown. I could cut it and be Rapunzel after her final liberation, but no. I'm rather fond of long hair. Or longish. Nothing is long compared to Rapunzel's hair.

Ever since school got out and choir ended I have time to be obsessed with "Tangled". It's kind of sad, to be honest. I just love the story, the music, the characters, everything except the attempt at a funny production number ("I've Got a Dream"...I dislike that scene very much).

The two main characters are my favorite (duh). I love how Rapunzel never attempts to be anything other than what she is, even when she sees how much she doesn't know. I love her innocence, sweetness, strength, ability to love and accept others, and her fighting spirit. I love that she is honest all the time, and how she would give up her happiness to save someone she loves. I love how Flynn (I call him that because I don't know who hasn't seen the movie so I don't want to ruin it) is still himself even after he falls in love. He changes because he loves Rapunzel, but he doesn't turn into some namby pamby servant to a girl because he adores her. Yes, he adores her, but he doesn't worship her. I love his sarcasm and quick humor, honesty (eventually), loyalty (he becomes loyal), and willingness to sacrifice everything, including his life, to protect his world.

Rapunzel and Flynn are my favorite Disney couple (next to Belle and the Beast) because they are a team. They work together. Flynn isn't a controlling or dominant man, and he isn't totally subserviant to Rapunzel. Rapunzel isn't a doormat or a damsel in distress, but neither is she intent on being in control. These two are allies and best friends who work together to achieve goals. Granted, it starts out as ultimatums and threats, but it changes. By the end, they both change for the better. They change because of the experiences they had together, and they are stronger for it.

I'm obsessed with that idea, that two people can work together toward a common goal and achieve it together, with love and friendship. The music in the show isn't bad, either.

I feel better now. I'm glad to have gotten all of that off my chest. ;)


Rohini Prasanth said...

what a lovely interpretation! It is heartwarming to see your view of the story. I loved 'tangled' too, but I hadn't analysed it this much. sweet!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Lol, thanks! It's a grand adventure, this movie. As for the analysis...told you I was obsessed. :)