Saturday, October 15, 2011


Wow. It's really post 700 tonight. How the heck did that happen? Oh...right. I'm a post-happy blog writer who just has to write about everything that goes on in her life, regardless of how interesting it may or may not be to everyone in the cyber web of Internet-ness.

Again, wow. But this time because of my weird attitude. I feel weird! As in happy about life but furious and hurt about a part of it. As in excited about the new opportunites that are coming up for me but confused and unsure about things that happened in the past. As in calm about certain situations that are rather ongoing but unsettled about the same ongoing situations. Okay, so not so calm like I was earlier this evening. Definitely more unsettled than calm. *sigh*

I've come along way on this blog since I first started. It's weird to look back to the year I began blogging. I remember the first day: I was at my grandma's house in Flaming Gorge, very bored, so I started a blog. Since then it's been like a journal, a sounding board, an online memory database, among other things.

700. Seven hundred. Seven zero zero. Wow. I am kind of surprised that I lasted this long! Here's to another hundred!

PS Thanks for being here, by the way. Readers make it even more fun and enjoyable. You are awesome. :)

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