Tuesday, October 4, 2011

late at night...

When my side of the world is dark and quiet, I'm awake with the side of the world that is busy living. When my side of the world is supposed to be sleeping, I spend a lot of time thinking about the things I need to do when the other side of the world is in darkness.

My internal clock is not properly set, I suppose. Either that or it gets overrided by the wiring of my mind, which executes commands that do not translate into "sleep", but to "think", "do", "be". Yes, sometimes I can sleep, when exhaustion takes over. Other than that, good luck!

The only real problem with not being able to sleep is that I can't get anything done at night because I'll wake up all of the proper sleepers in the house. Quiet things can be done, of course. Then all of those things get finished and there's nothing to do. Oh, Facebook and Blogger, how I love you. Quiet and somewhat entertaining. Until it gets boring. Funny how the Internet can be boring sometimes.

PS I had a job interview today at Partyland. The interview was actually quite enjoyable. It's the first time I've never felt super nervous about talking to a potential employer. The girl who interviewed me was super nice, and she made it a conversation instead of just "question, answer, question, answer". It was fun! Fingers crossed that it goes somewhere. :)

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