Saturday, October 1, 2011

they think i'm funny...

Ruthie's room mates have been laughing at me all night long. They think I'm funny, and in some cases, hilarious. When Mariah, Ruthie, and I went to dinner at Cafe Rio, Mariah was busting up at the stuff I was saying. Sometimes I knew why she and Ruthie were laughing (Ruthie doesn't laugh quite so hard anymore, because she's used to me), but the other half of the time I was super confused! Only don't tell them that. It's super embarrassing to have people find out that I don't get my own jokes! Haha!

Friday afternoon I went on a grand adventure by myself to the wonderful old city of Logan. I'd never made the drive by myself before, so I was rather excited that I remembered the way! My dear best friend forever Ruthie invited me to spend the weekend with her at her apartment. Since it's General Conference weekend (see for more info), I decided to take the almost responsibility free opportunity and head for the hills! This will probably be one of the last times Ruthie and I will get to spend time together until Christmas, so I want to make the most of it.

Conference weekend is usually family only time, at least with my family. When I talked to my mom about it, she didn't want me to go at first. I talked to her about some stuff and why it was important to me that I go see Ruthie; to be honest, I was really surprised and very, very grateful that mom let me go. A lot of things have been happening in my life with friends, and things have been changing so much. Ruthie is one of those people who knows what's been going on and who has been helping me get through everything. To see her in person, especially since that happens so rarely, is so great. And yes, we will watch Conference. Granted, it might be online (her apartment doesn't have cable), but we'll figure it out!

Kenna called me today. Can I just say that I love that girl to death? She's pretty much my older sister. I adopted her last year in choir, and I am SO GLAD that she's a part of my life! It was great to hear her voice, and to talk to her about some of the stuff that's happening in my life. It was also awesome to hear the updates from her life, she being recently married and a member of the cast for "The Savior of the World". I love talking to her! I'm so glad she called to say hi.

Hm...I think I'm the only one still surprises there, haha. I'm going to amuse myself until I get tired enough to sleep. :)

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