Wednesday, October 5, 2011

double dating duo...

Carrots and I drove up to a park in Provo Canyon with our photography devices in tow. We made it a date, she with her man Gus, and me with my man Smalls. Yes. We name our cameras. And we date them. That's how very single we are. But what better date could there be than two best girls heading up to the canyon with their image capturing men who don't talk back and only give slight problems when it comes to finding the proper settings? Not to mention the gorgeous leaves, and me being able to spy on Carrot's very superior photography skills. You can learn a lot by watching a pro. In short, the outing was very fun and quite successful! Especially when it started to rain while we were heading back to the car. That was very enjoyable.

While Carrots is a much better picture taker person than I am, I'm still happy with the way some of my pictures turned out. Especially the ones of Carrots! She is such a cute girl. I'm so lucky that she's a good friend to me. She's truly a kindred spirit.

PS Did I mention how much I love the panorama setting on my camera? Um, yeah. I love it.

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