Sunday, October 30, 2011

start of something new...

Last week I went on a date and bought a book of recipes. I have to admit I am now a little more excited about the book than the date; Sean and I are great friends, and we have fun together, BUT! The book is a recipe for cake bites. There are 101 recipes in this book. What is NOT exciting about cake bites?!

This book came home with me and keeps me occupied for hours at a time. For example: I like to read through the different recipes and make plans as to when I can make something new and when I can purchase the ingredients I don't have. I'm creating a kind of schedule for special ones to try, especially since the holidays are coming up and I want to be able to make some for my family/close friends. These little treats are so much fun to make! You don't even have to do them all in one day, which is awesome.

I've only made one batch so far, and now that I know what I did wrong I expect to be able to do much better in the future! I didn't make any super huge mistakes--the cake bites are very much edible and very, very cute. I know now though that it's best to use only the amount of frosting that the recipe calls for (one cup as opposed to all three), that chocolate really will melt on low (patience!), and that it is best to freeze cake bites on a cookie sheet that is covered in wax paper to keep the cakes from sticking to or staining the pan (oops).

Here are my little Halloween ghosties! Feast your eyes on these (mint chocolate cake bites shaped like ghosts, dipped in melted vanilla flavored almond bark and decorated with glitter black and orange edible gel):

I also spent the week getting a treat ready for my primary students. I wanted to do something special for them since it's a Halloween holiday weekend, so I went to the local Dollar Tree and stocked up on items to fill a few Halloween goodie bags. They turned out way better than I expected them to! It was so much fun to put these together. Picking out the items and making each bag was very happy making. The kids were all so good today! I don't know if that's because I'm finally getting this teaching thing, or if it was the bribery...

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