Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I fell asleep last night and woke up feeling more exhausted than I was when I went to bed. All night long there were weird, weird dreams. Each one segued with no rhyme or reason into the next. Out of order these may be, because I can't remember which one came first. I just remember that they were weird:
  1. There was a little lost two or three year old boy in the toy section at Walmart. He was sick and threw up all over the aisle and his clothes. I wanted to comfort him but figured it would be a good idea to clean him up first. When I was trying to do this, some employees and family members started yelling at me that I was totally heartless for not picking him up and holding him to stop his crying. He wasn't even mine! I had no idea who he was. Cute kid though. Super cute.
  2. It was Thanksgiving Day and EVERY Burger King in the state was closed until 2am. For some reason I had to have the car home by 11pm, so no fries for me. The people in the car with me were mad at me because I had to have the car home early, and they got out and told me to get lost. Meanies.
  3. An ex-boyfriend I didn't know I had was throwing pieces of glass at me, and then locked me in the bathroom of a hotel and started the building on fire.
  4. Mom and I went to Costco and were getting samples while shopping. One of the samples was chocolate covered strawberries, one being dipped in milk chocolate and the other in white chocolate. The man at the counter let my mom have one of each, but when I tried to take two he said that I could only have one. When I tried to sneak one of the other kinds, he smacked me on the hand with his spoon.
  5. My mom and I were shopping again and we split up so we could get the job done faster. I came back after I'd found everything on my list and met up with her. She was talking to some ladies from our ward. When they saw me coming, they all turned their backs on me and started talking about me, then walked off.
  6. Somehow my grandparents' house got moved to Wyoming. There was a ski lodge there that my dad was at, and he had me wait in the car while he was talking to some people. He decided to give his new friends rides home, and there wasn't room for me in the car (even though it was a Suburban). They tied a sled to the back of the car, threw me a blanket, and told me to hang on. I kept slipping and trying to hold on to the blanket and the rope, and then dad turned really sharply and I got thrown into a tree.
  7. I was helping with a friend's wedding, and I was supposed to be dipping strawberries in chocolate to chill for the reception the next day. Every time I dipped a strawberry, it came out all flat and shriveled, like a balloon that's had all the air let out. My friend got super mad at me and told me that she didn't want me to be her bridesmaid anymore because I messed up all of her strawberries, and kicked me out of the kitchen where I was helping.
  8. The ex-boyfriend showed up again at a lodge where I was staying. He told me he was sorry things had gone bad, and he had a present for me out back. I walked out onto the balcony, and he locked me out in the cold. Then I saw the polar bear that he'd brought to eat me, trying to claw its way up onto the balcony. Slightly terrifying, especially when the balcony started to give way under the onslaught of sharp claws and teeth, with an angry bear roaring beneath me and an insane ex-boyfriend laughing inside the lodge.

Throughout every dream, it was consistently 3 degrees Fahrenheit on the temperature reading on my phone. I know because my dream self checked it at least once during every dream.

Stupid dreams. But kind of funny now that I'm not dreaming them anymore!

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Q said...

I am noticing some consistent themes, though...