Friday, October 7, 2011

so one time i bought a fish and i named him Leonardo...

One day I was walking Misty through the pet store because it was too cold and wet to take her for a walk outside. We were looking at the toys and meeting new friends (she was more afraid of the Corgie that was her size than she was of the Great Dane and the Irish Wolfhound). Sometimes Misty likes to watch the fish swim in their tanks; she can only see the ones low to the ground, but she'll sit and watch them swim back and forth through the water. As I was looking at the fish with her, I came to a realization: I really, really wanted a fish.

So after doing some pricing and scoping at different stores, doing some research online, and breaking into my piggy bank, I got my wish. I bought a fish. And he is a beauty.

This is Leonardo. Check out his coloring! I've never seen a betta this color. Usually they're royal blue, purple, teal, red, or white with streaks of color. Not this little guy. He's almost golden, with green and purple and yellow streaks in his fins and tail.

Leonardo is a yellow-gold Halfmoon Betta, a breed of Siamese fighting fish. Originally from Siam, bettas live in rice fields and in shallow, muddy ponds. The people of Siam began breeding these fish in the gutters of the cities to create a stronger, faster, more aggressive breed of fighting fish. It's kind of like dogfighting or cockfighting in the US, before they put bans on those "sports". Betta fish were used for the same purpose sometimes, as entertainment.

Not Leonardo, though. Since he's by himself in his bowl, there's nobody to bother him. Except for me, when I sit and talk to him about nothing and everything, or watch him swim around. I tried to have a staring contest with him yesterday, but then I remembered that fish don't have eyelids, so I just stared at him and blinked when I had to. He doesn't seem to mind if I watch him. He just swims around and blows bubbles and stuff.

I hope he explores his ruin soon! There are openings for him to go inside. Bettas like little hiding places in rocks and in grasses. Hopefully he likes his new house! It's way better than the little cup he'd been living in at the pet store. WAY better.

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