Thursday, October 13, 2011


So I like my job. A lot. It's fun. It's fabulous. It's funtastical. None of it has been too hard for me to learn, and none of it has been too boring for me to deal with. The people are awesome, too. I've been super, super lucky to have good coworkers throughout my employment experiences, but these kids take the prize for most awesome. Seriously.

Half of the time when I'm at PartyLand I forget it's my job. It didn't really even sink in that I'm getting paid for the work that I'm doing. Getting paid? Who gets paid to have this much fun at work? Even on days when I don't want to go to work, by the first hour of my shift I'm happier than I've been the entire day. This job is great!

Now watch, I'll make some horribly stupid mistake or I'll have a run in with a customer and then I won't be so happy after work. But so what?! Right now, it's fun!

Costume day tomorrow. Cross your fingers my skirt doesn't get caught on the ladder like it did last week. Good thing I wore basketball shorts under it...that would have been awkward.

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