Sunday, June 21, 2009

20 ?s...

1. Where is your cell phone?
I don’t have one. Nasty little buggers, those.

2. Your significant other?
Don’t have one of those either. Still, I’d rather have one of those than a cell

3. Your hair?
Spread out on my pillow like some sleeping princess-only mine is wet and smells like apples. :)

4. Your mother?

Where is she? She’s at a viewing for the father of a friend of hers.

5. Your father?
Where is he? In his Lazy Boy in his room. Probably with scriptures on his lap and glasses on his nose.

6. Your favorite thing?
Hm. My library card? Keys? Money? My bed. Definitely my bed.

7. Your dream last night?
Not a good one. Bleh. But it was sort of cool at the same time.

8. Your favorite drink?
It used to be Grape PowerAde, but they changed it a bit. It tastes a lot more like
salt. I think it is now white grape juice, orange juice, and milk. Hot chocolate is
good, too. ‘Specially on the hottest day on record in St. George. Tee hee.

9. Your dream/goal?

Graduate from high school with an Associate’s Degree, serve a mission for the
LDS church, spend a semester abroad in a foreign country, and eventually
marriage and kids.

10. What room are you in?

11. Your hobby?
I think I have a lot of those. I like to dance, read (like mad!), write poetry and
short stories (long ones are frustrating), drive aimlessly through town with
nothing to do, and try every flavor at the Sno Shack in one summer. I have yet to
accomplish that last one.

12. Your fear?
Lots of those, too. Spiders, snakes, the unknown, swimming, tests, clowns, boys,
being unable to provide for my family, not meeting up to academic expectations,
not fitting in, being myself, eating in front of people outside of my family, my
parents, failing in my church, being abandoned, doctors and therapists, talking on
the phone to strangers, to name a few.

I seem to have more fears than goals.

13. Where do you want to be in six years?

See #9-coming home from a mission at age 23 ½.

14. Where were you last night?

In my room reading “How to Be a (Bad) Birdwatcher”.

15. Something that you aren't?

16. Muffins?

On the kitchen counter and calling my name. ;)

17. Wish list item?

See my Etsy profile. And probably red Dorothy shoes. And a couple of modest dresses to wear to church. I can't sew (yet) and all of the dresses at the stores have no sleeves, plunging necklines that meet the hemline, and no back. To try and wear leggings and a t-shirt would just look ridiculous. I need to learn how to sew!

18. Last thing you did?
Typed an answer to question seventeen. Duh.

19. What are you wearing?

A blue, white, and black polka-dotted pajama shirt and white pajama pants with
polar bears wearing purple sweater on them. Yes, dahling. I do know how to dress

20. TV?

Don’t watch it and don’t have one.

I wonder why all of the formatting is so off. Hm.


Q said...

Sewing is so not as easy as it seems it should be. Find a dress with spaghetti straps and get a sweater-shrug to go over it. :)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

I know it's hard. I used to be able to do a bit (like make PJs and vests and such in clothing), but now I've forgotten how. The thing that mostly fouls me up is threading the dumb machine. I can never remember the little steps with the bobbin case. :P