Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's rained most of the day today. I like it, but I sort of miss the sunshine. I have to really focus on not feeling down, and if a few rays slip through the clouds I find a way to soak them up.

My hair's wet, too. Being clean is great and it feels way good, but sometimes I just dread stepping into the shower and getting wet. I wonder why that is.

My sister, mom, and I went to the Teddy Bear Picnic today at the library. It was cute, but most of the magic has disappeared. It's like trying to play dress-up, house, or Cowboys and Indians. It just doesn't have the same feeling as it did when I was younger. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to remember how to be a princess or a school teacher.

Anyway, the teddy bears and friends visited the Emerald City, with tales of dragons and hippogriffs, frogs and princesses, bubble gum and contests. There were little kids dressed up in costumes; monkeys, lions, tin men, witches (good and bad), red shoes and gingham dresses, Munchkins, even a scarecrow with straw for a brain. No Totos though. I wish we could have brought Misty; she'd have done wonderfully.

I forgot my teddy. I was very sad-I wanted to bring Charlene, Sonya, and Cowboy to see the fun. Probably a good thing that I forgot though; I'd look silly with three teddies and me looking like I'm in college (to some people).

Blegh. Wet hair!

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