Tuesday, June 2, 2009

maybe smiles...

Well, I'm enrolled at East Shore High School again to work towards graduation credit. I'm freeing up space so that I can take more college credit classes next year. ESHS is an alternative high school in our district. It's basically where you choose what you study (within the requirements) and check out packets. I'm currently taking English 11 packets. Just two of them for the third term credit that I need. ESHS is often looked down upon by "regular students" because, for the most part, "the problem kids" go there. I don't find them to be a problem. Some of them just made dumb choices and need help catching up. Others want to work at their own pace. There are a few, like me, who work ahead and relish the freedom of working without a teacher, deadlines, and tedious lesson plans. I checked out my first English packet today (ENGL11 PCKT15 Short Stories and Poetry-my favorite) and just finished it an hour ago. No joke. All of it! See? I finished a quarter of a term in less than six hours instead of less than six weeks. Sweet, no?

My younger sister is trying out Earth Science packets and not enjoying it. She does better in a classroom situation. I think she wants the work to be handed to her; she doesn't really know how to study on her own without a teacher to sit by her. I've offered to help, but she sends me away. *shrug* I guess I don't count because I don't have a degree and I'm her relative.

I so adore ESHS. I really do. My friends (some of them) think I'm nuts for liking it. Sure, there are the really swearface kids, the extremos, the outcasts. But if everyone there is an outcast then everyone fits in. I like it a lot. :)

After signing up for my packets, I came home and got the top levels of the house cleaned up. Tony was coming over to pick me up, which ended up in just the two of us. It wasn't really a single date though-we talked with my mom and my sister for awhile in the living room before deciding to go to his house and hang out. It was definitely the strangest date I've ever been on (if you could call it that) but it was the most relaxed and most fun. I learned a lot about my friend, I made new friends in his siblings, and I learned how to make smoothies. I probably looked like an idiot while trying to figure it out though; oh, well.

We went out in the backyard and played Frisbee. I don't suck as badly as I thought I did, although I've got purple and black fingertips from the impact. It's rather interesting; I've never had bruised fingertips before. We also played cards, a game of Wackee Six (probably spelled that wrong) and something that I don't remember the name of. I was soundly beaten both times by Tony and his brother. It was fun to watch them battle it out. I'm glad my hands weren't in the way when they smacked the tabletop for the cards. Ouch. The younger sibs had fun with dry ice. I just watched.

Confession: I try my hardest not to feel jealous when he talks about other girls, but I can't help it. I just wish he liked me as much (or more) as I like him. He really is a kind person. I wish he could see in himself what I see when I look at him. Oh, and he plays the piano beautifully. Just another item to add to the list of why I adore him. I know he doesn't like me back, because he patted me on the head like I was a little kid when he dropped me off. *sigh*

Told you it was a confession. ;)

Okay, where are we at now? I didn't go anywhere after I got home. I straightened up the downstairs rooms (excluding mine-too lazy!) and read more of my book (which was written by Stuart Hill. i remembered). I worked on my English packet and was thoroughly ecstatic to find it easy. My mom, sisters, and I watched the first episode of Manor House before mom and Misty left to rehearsal, and then Buddy and I took a trip outside to the backyard while I talked with my friend Kirt on the phone. We're planning to hang out sometime on Saturday this week-so excited! And I get to drive. Not that he's got much of a choice. Curious? Comment then. ;)

Oh, we got the fabric for our WoOZ costumes! I've been cast as the Ozzian dog groomer, along with my sister. We're going to be matching in little maid costumes in emerald green, gold, and a touch of red. So excited! My other sister has her Munchkin costume fabric, dark royal blue with pink, white, and a touch of red. When they get done I'll put pictures up on my WoOZ blog so you can see them. SQUEE!!!

Hobeyho, time to go. :D


Char said...

what a great thing to do - it may not be that cool with your friends now,but when you can go to college and get out early - they will be jealous! LOL

spider said...

ESHS sounds like my sort of school. I much prefer teaching myself to sitting in a classroom.

Is the game you can't remember possibly ERS/Egyptian Ratscrew? Because that is my favorite card game ever.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Char: Totally!

spider: Egyptian Ratscrew! That's the one. I suck at it, and I prefer my fingers intact. :)