Sunday, June 14, 2009


Felt fuzzy and achy all day today. I didn't sleep well last night, so dad let me stay home from church. I woke up around, say, 2:00ish and just sort of hung out. There's not much to do on Sundays. I started another book, but that was about it.

I went to my neighbor's house with my family for an open house thing. One of the ladies in our ward (church group, like a congregation or something I guess) is moving, and they threw a little party for her. I spent some time with a few of the girls my age. I hardly ever talk to them; I'm afraid that they don't like me or I'll say something stupid. I'm probably being the stupid one though.

The other three girls and I talked about what we all want to do this summer, decorating our rooms, school this coming year and next, work, and of course, boys. They were all interested in hearing about the people I know at MVHS. I actually live in the OHS boundaries where they all went/go to school-I'm an out of area student at MVHS. We know a lot of the same people; they were asking me how much people have changed, who's dating who, etc. They were especially interested in Tony and want to meet him. I don't know if I want to share. Just kidding. :) Lol.

Oh, and Char, the fireworks weren't cancelled. Yay! I went with my mom and my camera. We had a grand old time in the Smith's parking lot, sitting against the car and watching the man-made storm, full of lightning and thunder. At times like that I'm very grateful for the Chinese. Pasta, paper, and fireworks. Awesome (tee hee). It kind of sounded like there were two fireworks shows going on, one in front of us and one behind. It was just because of the echoes off of the Shopko building behind us. Surround sound!


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