Monday, June 8, 2009


Yay! I'm a Webranger. I earned my badge from by completing all of the activities. I learned a lot about the National Parks in this country. It was cool to be able to take a "vacation" and "visit" them, and much easier on my wallet. So, HQ is sending me a patch to wear on a coat or jacket.

Tested on another packet today, this time the Historical Fiction one. I passed it (duh-i mean, if failed an English packet then something would be seriously wrong with me-it's my subject!) and have yet to commit myself to another one. I don't
need any more packets. The concern I have is that I want to be in school. Good gravy.

And just for the record, the library is the most amazing place ever and folding clothes for an hour sucks, even if you make $7 doing it. :P



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