Saturday, June 20, 2009

i should be...

doing so many other things right now, but I don't want to. Might be because I'm lazy, might be because I don't care. I don't know. Anyway, I was wrong about how many years it's been since I went to a sleepover. I was off by two. It wasn't seven years. It was nine years. Woot.

So, for my first sleepover, it was pretty much amazing, and I don't know why they call them SLEEPovers. You really...don't...sleep. Like, at all. You get a lot of "bugly" Jitterbug girls together in one room. You eat lots of food (pizza from Papa Murphy's, sherbet, key lime pie, strawberries, guacamole and chips, for example) and scream and giggle and do crazy things. Dress-up and karaoke at four in the morning is dangerous. And it's amazing how much fun it is.

Carissa looks like a refined, sophisticated woman of about twenty-five. She does not look like she has had six kids and is actually in her thirties. Neither does she look like a complete nut. She is though. A very good, fun, nutty-as-squirrel poo nut. My now second mom has gorgeous red hair, a gorgeous voice, and tons of personality. Usually she'd be the type of person who overwhelms me, but no. She's amazing, and I love her like mad. Oh, and she made the dress she's wearing in this picture.

Her daughter, Emma, is also a nut. She's got her mom's curly hair and her dad's deeper voice. Pure alto and amazing dancer. And no, that isn't her hair. Emma is a J-bug with me and her mom.

Alaia is Carissa's youngest girl. It was her birthday on the day of our party, so she got to hang out downstairs with "the big kids." She's cawazy! Cute and tiny, she packs a punch. Sometimes literally.

Jasmine is a fellow cast member and J-bug like me. She doesn't seem like the type of person to put on a Batman mask and strut her stuff to "Nobody's Perfect" Hannah Montana style, but she can do it. She's sweet and nice, and also pretty nuts. She likes taking pictures of herself, no matter how "bugly" they might turn out.

So yes, friends. We spent several hours singing and screaming to karaoke music. Everything from Trace Adkins to Josh Groban, Jekyll and Hyde to Little Mermaid, Hannah Montana to Les Miserables. We watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie and awoke at seven to Lambchops and Theodore Moose. At least, I think that's what it was called.

All in all, it was pretty much the most amazing sleepover ever. We're already making plans for another one. Yay!


spider said...

It sounds like you had an awesome time. :D

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Oh. I so did. :)

chicamom85 said...

Thank you for visiting Sasha, your blogs are both so cool.

Anne and Sasha

Pink Ink said...

Karaoke at 4 in the morning sounds like a blast!

(I hope poetic inspiration hits you again!!)