Monday, June 22, 2009


Our neighborhood sits on top of a gigantic extension of anthills. This complicated net of tunnels and little caverns has finally gotten tired of being under our feet. A parcticularly determined colony has had a rebellion. "No more darkness!" screeches their leader in a teeny weeny voice, "No more oppression! No more extra weight on our heads! Divide and conquer! Divide and conquer! CHARGE!!!" A full scale invasion has been launched by their commander, and after weeks of fighting, the offensive party has breached the walls and floors of the fortress above. Meaning my house.

Now, we've had the general small string of ants every once in a while, but this is crazy. Through the drains in the floors and showers, under the cracks in the carpet padding, up and down inside the walls come the ants. They've brought friends with them-winged termites have joined the shock troopers, pikemen, and ground troops as their calvary. To battle they go, chewing holes in sheetrock and siding, ripping through carpet, and biting dogs' noses.

Yes, I know they're not doing it out of spite. That's just what ants and termites do. Divide the walls and conquer (as their battle cry suggests), for it's much nicer inside the cozy wood of a house than that of a tree or log. The people build the home so they're work is half done; all they've got to do now is open up a few holes and presto! Bug Hotel is in service!

But no. No, I don't think so. The exterminator is back for a second appointment on Friday evening. After one or two more visits, our reinforcements will overpower those of the invading creepy crawlies. They'll feel the boot on their backsides and here a resounding "GET OUT!!!"

It's nice being big. :)


Char said...

written so very well....and made me itch

chicamom85 said...

Don't give up! Conquer


Georgie K. Buttons said...

Char: Oops. Sorry. :)

chicamom85: Working on it. :D

spider said...

That's quite disturbing. Now I'm obsessively checking around to make sure there aren't any bugs waiting to get me.

Good luck getting rid of them!