Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tastes like...

I will forever think that Tiger's Blood sno-cones taste like cherry and vanilla. Is that what it is? I can't tell-they just taste good. I'm currently eying (eyeing? eye-ing?) my historical fiction assignment (which has actually been on my to-read list for some months and i'm thoroughly excited) while chewing on my yellow straw and thinking about how great it is to be alive. My schoolwork is easy, I don't have to get up early, I've got a license and access to a car, it's sunny and warm, my dog is doing better, I have great friends and family. To top it all off, I have a loverly first sno-cone of the year in my now freezing hand. *sigh* Life is good.

I spent a few hours running around ESHS trying to figure out all of my schoolwork and my sister's. She's horribly nervous about this new packet thing. Don't know why. One of the teachers even asked me if Meghan ever talks. When I said no, Meghan just smiled and nodded her head. What I meant was that she doesn't talk to adults/strangers/teachers/kids her own age/anyone. At home she won't shut up. She's getting settled in though. Science is beginning to make sense again! As for me, I wrote a really, really good essay (seriously, it was), passed my test with an A, and checked out my next packet. Historical Fiction!!! YAY! I'm not being sarcastic, either.

The only bad thing about today was that mom blew up at my youngest sister. She kind of deserved it, but I don't think mom handled it very well. This time I kept my mouth shut until she cooled off, so my head is still intact upon my shoulders. I'm perfectly capable of having sno-cones. :)

Hm. My book wants me to read it. I think I shall. If I don't post later, well, sorry.

Not really.



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Woman in a Window said...

Your dog better and a snow cone. Those two things - enough!