Saturday, June 13, 2009

more like walking...

The parade was fun; I'm glad I decided to be in it with my dad. I met a lot of people and was able to play with the youngest Cub Scouts. Little boys like me for some reason (when I say little I mean ages 2-10). The weather was nice and cool with sunshine, not at all wet and soggy as it had been earlier during the day.

The pace was so slow. It wasn't because of the younger members of our group, but because of the older men. The pro-scouts and volunteer adult leaders walk so slowly! I had to keep yanking my dad along. I bet a snail could have outstripped us.

We had a lot of different flag types that the parade manager asked us to carry, so instead of one color guard we ended up with about three. There was a 1776 flag, a Union Jack, a flag from the 1800s, one for each of the military branches, troop flags, the 100th anniversary banner, and of course the present US flag. I didn't carry one; I was too busy taking pictures for Brother Jefferson (and myself). It was cool to walk past the standing, silent crowds as they saluted the past, present, and even the future. Technically they didn't have to; the actual parade color guard had all ready gone past. Still, it was neat. It was only at the beginning of the parade that it was like that (fewer people), but it was cool to be a part of.

I saw a lot of people that I knew. Sister Brewer, one of my good friends and wife to a Scoutmaster, yelled to me from the crowd, "Yay, Georgie!* It's about time you were allowed in scouting!" My dad's been involved as a leader since I was tiny, and even before I was born. Now it's my turn! I saw friends from school, too. Tiffany and Michelle were there with their families. Abbey and Amy (in my Ceramics and Adult Roles classes) saw me first and called to me. Brookelynne from first term Spanish was there, Meghan from Seminary was there, Whitney and Patrick were there. A lot of people in my neighborhood said hello, too.

The best part was seeing Tony and Alex. I saw Alex first; he was leaning up against a fence watching and I called hello. Then I saw Tony. I think he was happy to see me. I was glad to see him-I've been thinking about him for a couple of days. Just wondering how he is and what he's up to.

After my group finished, dad and I walked back up the route to find mom and my sisters. I took pictures of the floats as we passed by. I wish I'd gotten one of the Pirates float-it was a giant replica of the Black Pearl towed by a big truck. There was smoke coming out of the cannons, and Jack was at the helm. His crew were tiny kids dressed as pirates as well. I think that was my favorite-it was so cool!

I'm home now (duh) and it's pouring again. I wonder if the fireworks will be cancelled. A pity, really. They're usually quite good. Even if they aren't cancelled, I don't know if I'll go. The grass will be soaked! Besides...I'm tired and have a good book to read. :)

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Char said...

hope the firewords aren't cancelled - I love them!