Thursday, June 4, 2009


There comes a time in life when I copy the actions of one of my dear friends. I look in the mirror, throw my hands up in mock despair, and cry "AH! I'm all POLKA-DOTTED!"

It's true, really. Some days you just look like a dot-to-dot coloring page. Beware the child with the permanent marker; it'll just make things worse.

Have you ever noticed how schools run their heating and cooling systems? In the winter it's freezing cold outside, and inside all of the students have fallen asleep at their desks dripping sweat from the brows like wilted roses in a garden at 95% humidity. In the summer, it's burning hot outside, and inside all of the students have teeth chattering in their heads like jackhammers until the point that their brains no longer function and they can't hold a pencil straight. Can't we just find a happy medium?

Yes, ESHS was freezing, freezing, freezing cold today. And this winter, MVHS was burning, burning, burning hot. Except for the days that it was freezing in the wintertime. That was joyous. I wonder if ESHS will get burning, burning, burning hot this summer, too. Hm.

Buddy is much improved. The vet still hasn't diagnosed him with anything serious yet; the man said that he wants to let things play out and see how Buddy does. I'm so glad Buddy's himself again. There are things that are hard for him, like jumping onto beds or into the car. We have to pick him up and help him, but it's better than him not being able to walk or stand. He's eating his and Misty's food again, which is good because he's hungry but bad because he's really not hungry for hers-he just wants it because he's the "alpha." Silly, really. That's how it goes though.

I'm really rambling, aren't I? I 'spose it's because I have a lovely essay waiting for me to pick it up, and I'm not particularly interested in giving it a lift. It'll just have to remain stranded until morning, unless it sprouts legs in the night and tries to strangle me. Frightening, that.



Char said...

glad the puppy is better - that's wonderful news.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

The only problem with that is that he thinks he doesn't have to ask us to let him out to go to the bathroom. :P