Saturday, April 16, 2011

day 6...

So I picked two songs for this post (which I will do a few more times throughout the challenge).

a song that reminds me of somewhere...

Lady Gaga

I. HATE. This song. Sometimes. Other times, it's a lot of fun, like when you have the right people around. This song will never cease to remind me of choir tour my senior year in high school. Holy spazz much, this song got stuck in people's heads on the bus throughout the entire week! It was pretty hilarious, because someone would start singing it and then everyone would get furious at them, then proceed to sing along. So yes, this song will always remind me of our 16+ hour drive to and from Arizona.


This second song reminds me without fail of shopping in the mall with my mom and sisters when I was younger. I swear that every time we were in JC Penny's or Mervyn's or out in the big hallways this song would play. I love this song so much, but I can't help but picture department store displays and escalators when I hear it.

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