Friday, April 22, 2011

oh, hello...

What is it with good-byes that only last a day or two? I will give the guy some credit. He graduated from 24 hours of forever to 48 hours of forever. I should have known he'd be back. I spent too much time being relieved and not enough time preparing an answer. So now? No answers. Gah, that is so hard to say! It hurts, more than it should!

Thankfully I have some very protective and smart friends in Brianna and Shelby. I'll put my promise in writing:

I, Georgie, do solemnly swear on my life and my secret stash of emergency chocolate that I will not read any texts or answer any texts/phone calls from Aries. If I break this promise, persons being promised will not be prosecuted for causing injury or for the removal of my personal belongings (such as my phone) until I can maintain my declaration of distance from Aries.

So there you have it, girls. I promise. Haha, OH the drama!!

Speaking of hello, HELLO math review. Man, those hours were painful! After trying to wrap my head around difference quotients, matrices, hyperbolas and other graphs, determinants, sequences and series, logarithms...ugh. What with all of the other stuff going on during the week, I was glad to go to sleep for a little while (after an explosion of tears due to frustration, lack of self-confidence, fear, problems with friends, etc).

LDC's performance tonight was helpful, too. The music was beautiful!! I love singing with these people (we're done in two weeks...I'm not going to think about it). There's something incredible about 70 people bearing testimony together through song. The logistics and mechanics of how a choir actually works in producing sound has fascinated me for several months. It's totally mind blowing. When you get everyone to work together to be one, you can do so many beautiful things with music.

Bad news about choir: After almost 9 months of care, my dress finally ripped. Only two weeks to go and the dang thing finally broke. How lame is that? Oh, and word to the wise: don't grab the wrong end of the iron, especially when it's on. It kinda hurts.

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