Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night I was at the Raddatz family's home, and the kids and I played hide n' seek. I texted Jason about the game while he was at work, and he was very disappointed that he didn't get to play.

Well, today the game continued, only with Jason around it was much more intense. It started out with he and Kyle shooting one another with rubber bands. Then they decided that I'd be a much better target, and ganged up on me for fun. Pretty soon it was the two boys against me and and the three kidlets. I didn't do very well at hiding...I wasn't sure of any good places to hide or which places were off limits. Jason said I did well despite those disadvantages. I suppose that's praise?

The best/worst parts of the game were when I was hiding in the basement pantry. It locks from the outside, so I figured I could hide out in there and one of the kids could lock me in. With the latch across the door, Jason and Kyle wouldn't know I was in there. It worked for awhile, but they eventually found me. Little did I know the reason why it took them so long to find me...

Only your best friends will chase you around the house with rubber bands and dart guns, then while you are waiting out the hunt hide one of your shoes in the mailbox and the other in a tire swing, put your keys in the bottom of the potato basket, and park your car around the block. Yep. Jason and Kyle took all of my things and hid them (thankfully I still had my phone on my person though).

Jason did take pity on my efforts to find everything (maybe it was pity, or maybe it was the fact that my dad called and said I needed to come home asap to go to dinner with my family) and started playing the hot and cold game so I could locate my belongings. Yeah...only your best friends take your stuff then make you find everything, all the while laughing at your frustration and threats of bodily harm.

Can I just say now that Jason is amazing? Yes, he makes me SO "mad" sometimes, and he's much more clever than I am when it comes to pranks and games. I can't keep up with his genius plans. But he really is amazing. His whole family is awesome!! I don't know what I'd do without them. From Brother Raddatz down to little Amy, I love them all so much.

Oh, and note: Jason gives great hugs. Just sayin'.

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