Thursday, April 28, 2011

let's be as awkward as possible...

LDC performed tonight for a wedding reception. Jess and Liz, who were members of the choir, got married today! They are the cutest ever, Jess in his turquoise and black, Liz in her white dress. Those two are just perfect, really. And the reception itself? So beautiful! Liz had lanterns for decorations! That automatically makes her like, 15 times more awesome. I am so having lanterns and lights at my reception. I've entertained the idea for awhile, but actually seeing it tonight sealed the deal. It is just so pretty. Jess sang a song to Liz a little later in the evening, and it was totally precious. I love those two! They are the greatest.

After all of the fun reception traditions, people were just milling around and dancing and stuff. One of the boys in the choir pulled me aside to ask me as question.

"Of all of the boys in choir, which one do you want to date?"
My brain? How the heck am I supposed to answer that?!
Out loud? "Do I have to answer that question?"
His reply, "Yes."

Oh. Awkward. Why? *ahem*:
  1. He would never consider me.
  2. He's almost dating another girl in the choir, who is also a good friend of mine.
  3. The "he" in these sentences is the him who asked me the question.

And so I said, "Well, [insert name], I really can't say because, well...I mean, I can't. And besides...he's pretty much dating another girl."

His reply? *blank stare slowly leading to realization* "Oh. Well...oh." A little more conversation about other boys who I might consider in the choir, and he walked away.

Let's just make things as awkward as we possibly can, shall we? I mean, our friendship has already become awkward, but let's just add to it. *sigh* I need to just let all boys go and stay home in my room with a book, a blanket, some chocolate, and some music. The only problem with that is I get bored quickly.

On a different note! I broke down and went to visit the Raddatz family (after lasting only three days of trying to not go see them). Jordan performed his theater final for me, two monologues. That boy is much more talented than I gave him credit for. I rarely get to see him perform outside of ballroom or choir settings. He has great delivery, a good sense of emotion, he portrays thought behind the lines...he's very good.

Soon after I went to the graduation rehearsal at the college. Yes, I'm graduating tomorrow, and surprisingly so are a lot of the people who were there. I say that because some of the questions they asked made me wonder at the validity of their diplomas. Sheesh! It was hilarious. Jordan picked me up. He drove up in his brother's old car with the windows down, music blasting, aviators on, hair all windblown, and shirt partially unbuttoned (the overall effect was very nice). He leaned out the window and yelled, "HEY, baby!!" At first I didn't know what to do, so I laughed and returned the greeting, just without the "baby" at the end. I love that kid. He is so great; I'm so glad he's my friend.

Jason, Kyle, Mandy, and I had an awesome dart gun fight. I got very good at hitting people in the face. I didn't mean to. To be honest, I wasn't even aiming the thing because the gun wouldn't shoot straight. Interesting moment: I chased Jason into the house after he nailed me in the face with one of the darts, and instead of running to the back of the house he stopped and turned around so abruptly that I ran into him. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close into a hug. Then we just stood there in the entryway, door open, his siblings watching us, not saying anything. It was not like him at all. Usually he waits for me to hug him, and that's always when we're saying good-bye. But this? It was different. Not in a bad way. Just a different way.

I really need to quit playing with boys. I'm too girly to keep my feelings in the Friendship Only zone. Idiot.

Bubbles followed the dart fight, as did kite flying in a neighboring church parking lot. I haven't flown a kite in years! It was great! I'd forgotten how much fun it is.

So, in my area of life that concerns young men, I really need to grow up, get over everything, and move on. I'm too girly and boy crazy. Blergh. Something else to work on.

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