Friday, January 15, 2010

17 again...

Last day as a minor. I'm kind of wishing I'd done more as a "teenager". All of my friends (or most of them) have done so many fun things and been such typical 14-17 year olds. I've been a "mini adult" most of the time, as my brother tells me. Ah, well. It's just a new stage to try new things. Someday I'll be an old lady laughing at how badly I wanted to grow up, then deciding I didn't want to anymore. Someday I may realize that in some ways you never really do grow up-you can always stay connected to that beginning until it's time for it all to end.

"Grease" auditions today went all right. It turned out better than I thought it would, and I'm really glad. I also took myself out to lunch at Wendy's because 1) I wanted to and 2) I was hungry and didn't have a 3rd period, lunch would be spent rehearsing, and 4th studying. It was fun. :)

Tomorrow is Preference. I'm so excited!! Everything has been working out really well. Hopefully it will go smoothly, and everyone will have a fun time.

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