Thursday, January 21, 2010

a vague family reunion...

"A Vague Family Reunion" is not the title. I just titled the post that 'cause this story doesn't have one yet. And it made my sister laugh really hard when I called it a vague family reunion, so...yeah. The assignment was to "describe a typical family reunion". Most people write about hot dogs and hamburgers and picnic tables and playing football with their cousins. I wanted to try something different. I wasn't thinking of me when I wrote it. I guess in a way it is about me when I was 2 or so, but it could be anyone. Anyway, this is what came to mind:

The purple van stopped within the white lines. A second later, the side door flew open and out tumbled a small girl. The gentle breeze instantly began curling its fingers through her silky blonde curls. She batted the tendrils out of her eyes and surveyed her surroundings. The park was large to such a small child; emerald bristles under her feet stretching far into the distance, towering pine trees like sentinels awaiting to announce her arrival, and a sapphire fountain calling for her to play. Radiant yellow daffodils, their upside down teacup heads coloring the winding cement path, called hello as they bowed in the breeze.

The girl cupped her hands to her eyes, shielding them from the bright kisses the sun placed upon her skin. Gazing around the area, blue eyes wide with excitement, she let loose a squeal of delight and scampered across the long green field. A blur of pink jumper, white tights, golden curls, and chiming laughter, she raced up the sloping lawn. Her target in sight, she launched herself into the air with a whoop into the outstretched arms of her favorite uncle. Tall, smiling, blue eyed, and just as mischievous as herself, together they put the "double" in double trouble.

The girl's uncle twirled her around and around in the air, laughing as she squealed again and again. Her feet went high enough to tickle the undersides' of the passing clouds; the world a blur of color and sound as she whooshed through the air. Finally the two were both so dizzy that they collapsed to the ground in a heap, tangled together in fits of giggles.

More laughter joined theirs; the girl looked up and with a shout of excitement, she leapt to her feet and ran to embrace her grandmother and grandfather. Not so tall as uncle, or quite so young, they still had the smiling faces and blue eyes that mirrored her own. Snuggling into grandma's arms and reaching out to pat grandpa's cheek, she laughed and smiled at all around her. Soon she was passed from aunt to uncle to mother and back, doted upon as only a single grandchild or niece can be.

But it was enough; she was ready to explore once more. The daffodils still whispered hello; the fountain still invited her to play; the wind still asked to braid her hair. Slipping off of her father's lap, she was caught by the wind. Carrying her along, almost above the ground, it took her to see her world on its back. Her laughter still reached her watching family; her eyes sparkling as she reminded them of what it was to be new in the world.

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Coleman said...

That was beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I L-O-V-E-D it!!!!!!