Saturday, January 30, 2010

mapped me...

I was reminded of this tonight by a fellow blogger. I did it about a year ago when a friend tagged me. Let's do it again.

lips: split (i've been worried of late)
eyes: sleepy
ears: selective
mind: agitated
body: listless
heart: empty

I feel too much sadness, and no matter how I try I cannot find ways to push it aside to make room for any joy.


Woman in a Window said...

I've not been here for a bit and so I wonder on the nature of your sadness. What feeds you Georgie? What makes you truly happy? You remarked at my site that you don't hear the many voices inside but I think that they are there. I wonder where they might lead if you dug down and listened? Would it be to poetry, photography, stained glass, pottery, acting? You need to create. Out of that something deeper in you is fed. You're such a deep young girl. It is in there.


Coleman said...

Yesterday, I was deppressed because I was too shy to even go upstairs past some other teenagers. At this I walked mile from my cousin's house to my other aunts house in the dark.

But I was soon happy again--why I am talking about this is that this sad time will pass, but for now bless someone's life. By seeing someone happy, it makes YOU happy.

Get feeling better,