Saturday, January 2, 2010

job search...


It's January 2nd of 2010 (whoa, weirdness) and I have officially begun the job search. Yeah, I quit my job at the Scout Shop because a) I needed better hours and b) I wasn't really liking the inner workings of the whole corporate environment going on there. But mostly for better hours. I mean, telling me that I can have Christmas break off in April when I applied and then corporate saying in November "No WAY!" ... Not happening, especially since my family had plans since like...last January.

So far I've tried to apply at two places online (aka Build-a-Bear and Petsmart) only to find out that you have to be 18. Not a problem-that's in less than three weeks anyways (wtheck?). The problem was that they didn't tell me that until after I'd filled out the entire application. Bothersome. The other two places I've applied at are California Pizza Kitchen and Macey's Grocery Store. The other two I'll apply for in two weeks after my birfday, and we'll see what else I can find.

Tomorrow is Sunday, and church isn't until 1:00 (first time in about two years...our wards are not very good at the whole schedule rotation thing). I think I will write about the last "Night at Carisa's" that we had this week (including photos of plucked chickens, opinions about Barbie movies, and a loverly dress for Preference), the New Year's Eve Stake Dance (aka church dance [which kind of wasn't fun for me...but more later]), and other random adventures that have not been explained before. *smirk* Lots to share, peoples. :)

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