Monday, January 11, 2010

split ends...

I hope it ends nothing. But, under the circumstances, it could.

Remember that one person who doesn't like anything at all, and is never satisfied? Well, I've finally had it with her and will not be going with her or the rest of her group to Preference. I didn't throw a fit (though I wanted to SO badly, but that would be stupid and I didn't want to say/do anything mean to hurt someone's feelings). I didn't say much at all. I just turned in my "I quit".

Our plans for our random and amazing dinner fell through when I went over to Pirate Island (yes, that's what we had planned) to make a room reservation. The Mermaid Room would have been perfect for all of us...but to use it we would have to pay $150. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS?! I went home and told the other two girls who have done a little bit of the planning with me. Then I took 2 hours to research restaurants we'd talked about, looking online and taking notes of menu items, prices, seating, and whether or not they make reservations. I even called places and talked to them ON THE PHONE, which for me is a huge step out of my comfort zone. Seriously, it terrifies me. Anyway, it really did take about 2 hours. I made a nice little summarizing report for all of the girls, with 4 restaurants that would potentially work because they were what people had suggested before. I asked the girls to pick their top 2 choices and email me back for a primary vote.

Well, that one person emails back saying something like this: "I think we should meet at lunch because people might have other ideas. Besides, I'm getting really sick of having to check Facebook for plans."

Um...HELLO!? The reason why we chose to communicate through Facebook is because I can't meet with them at lunch due to Ariosa rehearsals for "Grease". Since I've been doing the majority (if not all) of the the work and research, that's why we planned that. I know it's not a big deal, but I spent 2 hours working on this. I've done so much for this one person to try and make her happy, and nothing does. Quite frankly, I've had it. I'm sick of having every single thing I do thrown back in my face. Again, it's not like this is a huge thing. I guess it's because it's one thing after another. Nothing makes her happy. How hard is it to just vote? All of the information is right there. I even picked two of the places she suggested (granted they were the most expensive and had the least space, but at least I tried to make her feel like her opinions were respected and not just thrown out).

Ugh. I guess I'm just really hurt and frustrated and angry and tired. So! My friend Coty and I are going together alone (so far, I don't know what the others are going to do). I called her (pretty much in tears) and explained everything. She knows the whole background story, and she told me that she'd been wondering why I hadn't split off since the problems first started.

I suppose I'm learning that sometimes you just have to say it like it is, regardless of what another person thinks of you. I've done so much, and I've got nothing back except complaints and arguments and spiteful remarks.

I'm really dreading going to school tomorrow. And I really feel like a loser. I screw everything up. There's no winning here. How is it possible that ALL of the high school drama has been packed into my Senior year? I've never had any problems before. This is ridiculous.

Am I a bad person for feeling like this? Should I just suck it up and go along with it? I really do feel terrible, and mean and just hateful. I hate me.


spider said...

Honestly, I think you made the right choice. It's not your fault other people (or just that one person) can't deal with not having everything go their way. You'll probably have more fun without the group. And I totally wouldn't have blamed you if you *had* thrown a fit.

Beth Kephart said...

quiet protestations establish who you are and what you believe and how far you will go with things. they will be remembered.

that girl said...

Don't. Worry. About. It. Do YOUR thing with Coty. It'll be easier to get a reservation at a restaurant for four people, or if you wanted to do it at someone's house it would be easier with four people as well.

Tiana ba Llama said...

I'm sorry this whole thing has been such a pain, and that I couldn't/didn't help you out more. I feel mucho guilty, but I am SO PROUD OF YOU for all that you've done and overcome to get this organized (um, talking on the phone? I HATE doing that too, so you are a better person than I am). I wish I could just grow up and be like you. <3 :)

Georgie K. Buttons said...

spider: I think you're right. It's been working so far, and things are on the mend.

Beth: Thank you.

that girl: True story all the way!!

Tiana: Don't even worry about it! Seriously, you have never been a problem. Ever, really, in all the years I've known you. So don't feel guilty, doll face. <3