Monday, January 4, 2010

first day at school of the year...

This morning started out pleasant. I woke up happy again (???) and decided I was going to try and stay happy. Ariosa was grand, though I've been given the task of choreographing the number we're doing for the February concert (two selections from "Grease") and I found out that the song I auditioned with is scheduled for a mini concert at lunch in the commons sometime in late February. *sigh* That's so scary, because you can actually see the audience and how they have no interest whatsoever. I don't think that would be so bad if you were in a group performing, but soloing...we'll see.

Health Science was a review, in which I thoroughly embarrassed myself by saying "True" when the question was asked "If a male consumes enough alcohol to be classified as abuse, is there a potential for risk of breast cancer?" Um...duh, no. I need to get more sleep...not to mention cool off my lobster face. Ugh.

I'm actually starting to realize that I'm not as bad at math as I think I am. I mean, getting over 100% on the past three tests is pretty much unheard of in the math department for Algebra 2, but apparently it can be done. It's kind of fun (horrors...I should be shot for saying it) and I don't really mind it much. Granted there are the sticky spots, but they loosen their hold after awhile and become easy. Though my teacher is the only one I've ever had who has discouraged my idea to get a Master's Degree and a PhD (Ph. D.? phD? PH.D? I should probably learn how to spell it...:P).

Went to the gym...which I forgot how much I hate in January. Usually there is no one there during the day, except for a few safety department cops and fire fighters, a few moms, and me. Now it appears that my quiet sanctuary has been flooded with New Year Resolutioners determined to fulfill the 2nd most common resolution in the country (ask Mix 107.9-they said so on the radio last week): EXERCISE. Seriously, there were almost 20 people down on the track. 20!! Seriously-unheard of. Hopefully the drive will die off in a few weeks, or they'll take up a new sport. Like...Wii Fit or something. Lol. Just kidding.

Hair trimmed today! Just to clean up the ends, so about an inch and a half. I was told I over tipped my stylist (no, I did not knock her over), but oh well. She was nice, talked to me, and put up with my endless chattering. Not to mention my hair isn't crooked, so I think she deserved it. I always over tip. I feel bad that people are running to get my drinks or wash my hair or park my car when they could be doing something that they actually enjoy. Of course if I decided to serve myself at a restaurant it might be disastrous-I'd just bother them all by asking where they keep the spoons.

Mom took my sisters and me shopping, where we randomly found penguin pajama pants for me for $1.50. They were marked down because they'd fallen on the floor and gotten dirt on them. Um...less then $5 for a pair of flannel pajama pants because they have a little dirt on them? I've got a washing machine; they're mine!! Haha. :)

And now I'm bugged by things in life (mostly my own stupidity and random mood swings) so I'm going to go to bed. EMR in 8 hours, plus "West Side Story" rehearsal after school, a meeting with the counselor at the college to discuss my future (woot), and anything else that happens to pop up.

Good night/day!


Q said...

Men can get breast cancer; it's just rare. (At least, I'm pretty sure.) What alcohol has to do with that I have no idea.

PhD is right.

Joy said...

For $1.50, you'd have been silly to pass those up! I love a good bargain.

SandyCarlson said...

Happy New Year! You say it so well.