Sunday, January 31, 2010

you missed...

I received a comment from a friend about creating. I decided to try creating again...I don't know if it's any good, but it helps me wrap my head around what's going on. I'm feeling extremely confused about why I'm so down. It doesn't make sense-I've got so much to be happy about but when I start counting those things, I don't feel better. I actually feel worse. So I decided to try something. I picked two random words from a book. I opened the pages, closed my eyes, and pointed. These are the words I found: "missed" and "you".

With those words, I wrote the first things that came to mind and titled it "You Missed". I don't know if this worked out at all, but I feel better for some reason.

You came to me

late one night,

when the shadows

made pictures on the walls,

creeping along the fence

and hiding from the

touch of the


You came to me

with tears in your voice,

your head hanging,

ashamed to be

feeling the way

that you were.

You asked me for help,

and I gave it.

You came to me

and asked me

to catch you,

to be there when

you were falling.

You asked me

to reach out,

and I did.

Now it’s my turn

to come to you,

when the shadows

creep into my heart

from outside,

leaving their walls

and fences

to darken my mind.

I came to you,

unafraid of

how I felt.


for I knew

that you’d catch me

as I started

to fall.

And you missed.


Woman in a Window said...
you did, Georgie. frick. you did. you created and it is good good good. deapth and emotion and imagery that goes much further than 7/8ths of what i read out here. holy holy. this is good. no wonder you feel better. you should.

sometimes we feel so deeply and we don't understand. last night a friend of mine, in his fifties, cried and didn't know its origins. just felt it. huge. overwhelming and real. we are a complicated lot with beautiful potential and multilayered cores.

(and you honour me...)

much xo

Woman in a Window said...

depth! depthdepthDEPTH! i wrote deapth didn't i? erg.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Erin, thanks. I kind of love you lots. :) And don't worry about typos. I didn't even notice. Lol. <3

Hilary said...

Lovely poem, Georgie. Listen to Erin. She knows of which she speaks. Hope you're feeling sunnier.