Thursday, January 7, 2010

shut the duck up!!

(image from

When I say duck, I mean the twins and the fox boy (I just think he looks like a cute little fox). One of them sometimes has a little duck tail hair style (go figure, we're doing "Grease"), hence the duck. And I'm just bugged. Those boys are going to drive me insane, no joke. They even have a name for themselves: "The Uglies and the Goates" as they call it. The other kids in the dance are loud and unruly as well, but those three are the main problem. I hate to be the bad guy, because I'm younger than half of them and I want to be their friends, but I'm up to here *mimes pointing at neck* with this and it's only been one day.

And so, if they don't behave tomorrow at lunch there will be an 8:00 am rehearsal on Saturday. They're not happy, but neither am I. So there.

I kind of hate this game.

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