Thursday, January 14, 2010


1. Talk to my date (eek!)-check
Oh, Tyler. You're amazing.

2. Order boutonniere/talk to salesperson-check
White rose, green filler, pale yellow and pink ribbon done in double loops

3. Call UVU to drop class/talk on the phone-check
Don't want the class, don't need the class. Yet.

4. Call Mimi's Cafe to double check reservations/talk on the phone-check
On hold for ten minutes with some cool music that I realized kept repeating and repeating and then I started laughing about it. Was still laughing when person came back on the phone. Haha. Oops.

5. Complete 6.5 homework during "House" episode in Health Science-check
I've seen enough of that tapeworm episode to last me a lifetime. Blood, guts, and parasites...barf. I'd rather figure out 5!/3! (not factorials-5 BANG divided by 3 BANG is what my class calls it).

6. Be fought over in ballroom when boys are told to choose partners-check
Hill. Air. Ee. Us. This one deserves a full explanation: Kai (my first date ever [first date anniversary is on Tuesday], whom I asked to Preference sophomore year. they changed the date of the dance to 3 days before my birthday instead of 3 after, so I had to call him and tell him I couldn't go. Instead of being upset, he said that he was proud to have a date who upheld her standards and obeyed church guidelines no matter what [no dating before the age of 16-it's a Mormon thing]. SO...he took me out for my birthday. we went to see "Dan in Real Life" and then got ice cream at Coldstone. good times. :) ) wanted to ask me to dance in class today. So did Alex (Tony's younger brother). Kai got there first. Alex got "mad". Kai danced with me. Alex stole me the next time. Kai vowed to dance with me again. Alex told Kai he'd have to get through him first. I stood there laughing while another boy came and asked me to dance. Epic. Never thought it would happen to me though. That's for pretty, popular, skinny girls. Weird. Lol.

7. Sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at a wrestling match-check
Mitch, one of my choir friends, asked me to sing at the Varsity match because last time the person "made my head hurt". No pressure, I guess. I think it was all right. Still have problems with coming down from the higher note to hit the word "gave" properly, but apparently only I even notice.

8. Start to clean room and

9. Hear about Zach's role of Schroeder in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and call him-check
I adore this boy. He's the coolest of the cool, and I'm so excited for him!! BFF or I'm suing. ;)

10. Try to be friends with friends again-check
It's working okay.

11. Random animal of the day: JORILLA!!
It's a game that my friends Alexis, Sarah, me, and sometimes Jasmine play together. We post a random animal each day on one another's Facebook profiles. Today I thought of two at the exact same time: jaguar and gorilla. It just came out Jorilla. I do not want to see what that would look like. Spaztastic much? I think so. :P

12. Do laundry-not so much of a check, but we'll count it
Kind of sort of enough to say I did some, yes?

13. Nap-check

14. Kissing dream-check
FOURTH ONE IN A ROW. It's driving me insane. And I can never see who it is (actually that's a lie, I saw the last guy and right when he kissed me my alarm clock went off. I was so mad-I wanted to hit him-lol), but I always smack whoever it is then wake up. Grr...bugging me.

15. Space heater-check
My room is no longer a walk in freezer. It's the coldest room in the house this year (weird), so we moved the space heater from the living room into my room and took the spare one from upstairs into the living room. Now most of the house is warm again, and I actually woke up too hot instead of half frozen. Sweet.

16. Exercise-check
Too much. 1 hour + 20 minutes "Grease" in 1st period. 1 hour + 20 minutes in ballroom. 1 hour + 2o minutes calisthenics/yoga/Pilates/aerobics/Tai Chi in Health Science to show us what sort of things we can do to get our points for the physical fitness assignment. 3o minutes of "West Side Story". Total = 4 hours + 30 minutes. I'm really, really tired.

That was today's to do (hence the tod(o)ay). Planned or unplanned, it got done. :)

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