Tuesday, January 26, 2010

did i mention i don't sew?

Other than the clothing class I took in 8th grade and the minimal running stitch practice I did while volunteering at a living history museum, I don't sew. I just don't know how. I've tried to learn and been thoroughly frustrated or messed up enough that it's more cost effective to go buy a costume.

Well...now I "sew". Or I at least do the steps it takes to have someone help me sew. I now know how to:

  • read a pattern for yardage, measurements/sizes, etc.
  • find a pattern
  • find fabric that will work with pattern
  • tell the different between an invisible zipper and an all-purpose zipper
  • tell the different between a 20 in. zipper and a 7 in. zipper (stupid)
  • figure out what interfacing is
  • choose patterns to fit body shape/type
  • read pattern directions
  • cut out pattern pieces
  • iron out pattern pieces on a temperature where the paper just flattens and doesn't burn
  • mark fabric
  • pin patterns
  • cut out fabric with pattern pieces laid out WITH the grain
Sounds stupid and simple, but not so. There's been a lot of frustration and a lot (and I mean a LOT) of tears. No joke. But I now have one costume cut out (pattern and fabric) and the second costume pattern cut out. The first has gone to a neighbor's home to be put together (because my new found "skills" end there-I can't figure that out in two days. I can't even thread a bobbin) and the other one will be cut out tomorrow and taken to my Nana's house who is going to help me sew it together.

The costumes are for "Seasons of Love". One is for "Grease" (blue skirt), and the other is for "West Side Story"/pre-show character (purple dress). I'm scared I've screwed them both up, but hopefully I didn't.

In short, I don't sew. BUT now I do the other stuff. Woot. :P


Coleman said...

all I know how to do is knit a hat on those cricle looms.

What you do sounds pretty amazing!

Tiana ba Llama said...

Oh my. I still don't know what I'm going to do for my costume. I'm so proud of you for learning to do all that! I am miles and miles behind you.

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Coleman: I guarantee you know more than me, bud!! :)

Tiana: Well, you are super, super, super, super, SUPER busy (*giggles* lunch time?). I've also had tons of help. Who knew that my dad would get so involved? Lol!! :D <3