Monday, January 11, 2010

i prefer...

So Preference is next week (on my birfday...squee!!), and I'm finding that when it comes time to plan things like this, personalities clash. Here are some things that are driving me insane:

  1. Certain people do not like food. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, anything exotic or different than there mom makes is gross. Even pizza!! I wonder how they survive at all.
  2. Certain people do not make plans to be off of work.
  3. Certain people will not drive.
  4. Certain people don't want to eat out.
  5. Certain people will only eat out.
  6. Certain people want to be late to the dance.
  7. Certain people won't help pay for reservations.
  8. Certain people do all of the work for everything, while others sit by and watch and complain about every move.
  9. Certain people insist on having an activity scheduled for the day they can do it, even though they are the only person out of 7 who can do it that day, whereas the other 6 can all do it on the day the other person can't.
  10. Certain people kick and scream about everything, no matter what.

Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited for this dance. My friend Tyler is going with me, and he's a really great guy and a good friend. My dress is pretty and it's all fixed so I won't trip (it's also slightly big...I thought I gained weight but apparently I was wrong), plus I have way fun shoes to go with it. My best friend Coty and I get to drive together, and it's so cool because we never see each other (even though we go to the same school...that happens a lot at MV. I guess it's just really big and spread out). The activity we have planned is going to be way fun, and dinner is so random and awesome that I'm not sharing until after. Basically this is going to be way fun.

The bad thing is this: one person will not compromise or cooperate with anything. It is so aggravating to have a six person majority be able to do something when a single person minority wants everything to be their way. If we have an activity on Saturday, 5 out of 7 can't do it. If we do it Friday night, 6 out of 7 can do it and that one person can't. We've tried splitting up the group, but it's so much easier to just do it on Friday (due to time conflicts on Saturdays where it'd be a total rush for everything for those who can't go). I'm just getting really tired of the headache.

It kind of hurts in another way as well. This particular friend has been invited by me to be in every single date group I've ever planned because, well, no one else wants her around. We all love her, but I guess the others don't want to put up with her. I just don't want to see her left out and would rather deal with her drama. This time, though, I'm feeling extremely torn. Every single move we make has been checked and rechecked over and over to make sure she'll be happy. My friend proofreads all of my emails to make sure this girl won't find something to twist into an insult or to throw back at me. Plans are put on the table then scrapped again and again to be revised so she feels like we're not leaving her out. Some plans, however, can't be changed and she just gets super mad. I've been really nice to her for three years with being in groups and making sure she has people to go with, but I always get it back in my face. It's like she doesn't even notice.

Ugh. Girls are stupid (I can say that, I'm one of them so I know). I hope it all works out. I'm just very nervous to make any plans final, because this person might throw a fit. I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I've got 5 other girls involved as well. I have to be fair to everyone. I'm also afraid that I might get hurt in the process. It's happened before with this friend-kind of an experience I'd prefer to not repeat.

Getting stuck in leadership positions sucks. I've run out of ideas, so now I ask you. What do I do?


that girl said...

*chants* Split the group! Split the group! Split the group!

Georgie K. Buttons said...

Lol, too late now! :P Oh, well. It'll work out.