Friday, January 29, 2010

my wish tonight...

Have you ever missed someone so badly that they're constantly on your mind? Has there ever been a time when no matter what you do, their face swims in front of your eyes, smiling and laughing?

Oh, it's that time again. No matter what I'm doing, that name keeps racing around and around in my head: in math class, while polishing choreography, cleaning my room, everything I've done today. What I would give to hear his voice, or even read words that he typed.

You know that you've become really good friends with someone when you ache for them. It's so hard having the person who somehow knows you the best and who you're closest to live too far away to see everyday, or even once a week.

And so my wish tonight: for him to be happy, and to somehow be able to hear his voice.


My other wish: to have someone write that scholarship essay for me because I have absolutely no ideas whatsoever. :P

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Woman in a Window said...

And so you miss someone! Brilliant! I'm sorry. But this, this, this might be just the thing. Last week I was missing someone so fricken deeply it ached me everywhere. I both hated it and loved it because it spoke to what I really felt. What I felt was torn down to its essential and there it was for me to recognize. It still hurts. It sucks, really. But it can motivate in other ways, inspire. Use it to see everything else for what it is.

Oh, you sweet sweet girl. It is not easy. I know. Hugs to you.