Thursday, January 28, 2010

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The costumes were due today. I only had one to bring; my neighbor did a beautiful job on the "Grease" skirt and it totally fits perfectly. I'm finishing it up the hem and the waist band to make sure it's the right length and stuff, and I kind of know how to do that. So today I took the skirt and the white blouse I found to go with it, feeling overwhelmed and nervous because the other one is just getting started and afraid that I'd be in trouble.

On the contrary, Mrs. Wilde (the costume mistress for the whole show) was very pleased, especially when her daughter told her that I have no experience whatsoever with this (8th grade does not count; we didn't even cut out patterns. They were all ready finished and then my friend helped me do all the rest because I was so confused). She agreed when I said I was taking about 6 inches off of the skirt (yep...I'm short) so it would hit mid-calf, and she loves the idea of wearing a fluffy petticoat underneath (thank you PCT costume closet). She also loved the blouse and asked where I got it so she could tell other girls in choir.

Then I told her about the Anita costume: dark purple with glittery pinkish sparkles all over it, a medium full skirt, and a tie around the waist that makes a big bow in the front. Then there's going to be gold drop earrings, a gold necklace, my hair curled with half up half down (that was her idea; she told me "it's too gorgeous to hide in a bun!! We're keeping it visible, girl!!") and possibly a flower in my hair, like a yellow lily or big white carnation or something. Not red, it'd look funny with the purple fabric.

So, yeah. Mrs. Wilde seems happy, and she said she is really glad that I've taken it so seriously. A lot of people haven't even started looking for costumes, and some of the stuff people have found is way too modern because they didn't do the costume research assignment. I didn't really need to; my family is so into theatre that all of that just seems to come naturally.


The Anita costume is actually coming along. I cut out the pattern on Tuesday night here at home, then last night my dad and I went to my Nana's house and cut out the fabric with her. Grandpa made us the most wonderful grilled cheese sandwiches ever; I thought I'd mention them because they were really fabulous and made me happy.

Nana and I pinned the pattern pieces onto the fabric together. I started helping with cutting it out, but my scissors are terrible and the fabric was really slippery, so it wasn't working. I sat with Nana and talked about different things; the skiing events that were on the TV, my mom and her brother when they were little (mom was a lot like me; we both started talking when we were about 8 months old. In complete sentences. ??), scriptures, sewing, and the play coming up in the summer at PCT ("Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"). It was kind of cool to just talk with her.

When we got finished, dad and Nana started talking about lots of different things, too. I don't remember much; I was so tired that I was focusing on trying not to fall asleep. We decided to go at about 7:30. On our way, I asked if we could stop by Zach's house so I could just say hi. I miss him so much that it hurts (literally-it's driving me crazy). I didn't think dad would go for it, but he did!!

I only stayed for about 30 seconds on the front porch. Daniel opened the door and jumped on me to give me a hug. Then before I even finished asking if Zach was home, he skidded into the room looking very excited. All of a sudden he became very worried and grabbed me while asking if something was wrong. It kind of made me laugh; I've been told lately that I don't look well at all (wonder why) and apparently he agrees. I gave him the note I wrote just in case he wasn't home, then said good-bye. He looked disappointed, but I told him dad was out in the car and he understood. It was so good to see him, even for a few seconds. I don't know what it is about him, but he just makes me want to keep moving forward.

It was a good thing we stopped. We were almost at the freeway when I felt something poking me and realized I had forgotten to give Nana the zipper, thread, and dress hooks. Haha. Oops. So dad turned around and we went back. I'm glad he wasn't mad at me. That would have been very bad.

Things keep working out. I feel lousy, shattered (still), and exhausted, but things are working out. Seeing my best friend has helped a lot; today was better. Not to mention I only had two classes so I came home and slept for three hours. And I drove Jordan home again today, and talking to him was really great.

Oh, did I tell you how much I hate ballroom? Well...that's getting better, too. One of the boys in my grade, Garrett, taught my class on Tuesday because Mrs. Davis was gone. Several times when there was a partner rotation and I'd end up alone (we have 16 girls in the class and 10 boys), he'd come dance with me. It was very, very helpful. He talked to me after class and told me that when I have a good lead, I do very well "which is kind of how it goes in ballroom, so don't beat yourself up about it."

Today I was talking to him again, and he was thinking out loud about ways that he could maybe help me. Then, out of nowhere, he jumped up and yelled "Oh! I am so blindfolding you next time!!" Then he explained why: when I was dancing with him I realized that I kept fighting his lead. I was just doing it subconsciously, and even though I'd figured it out I couldn't stop. Garrett said he wants to try having me dance without being able to see so I have to rely on a lead. That is going to be nerve wracking.

It's been interesting this week. Overall I'd rate it as a 2 out of 10 the way I feel, but the way things are going? Probably an 8 out of 10.

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